Quiz system V2

Status: Lost

The Quiz System V2 is a rehaul of the Secondary School Quiz System I wrote back in Secondary School in Basic. It has been reprogrammed from scratch using Pascal first and Turbo Pascal later while I was in high school and instead of being focused on school courses, it was more about music, movies and videogames.
This time there were lots of questions and each playthrough was made of 10 questions randomly chosen from the ones available.
While you still had 5 possible answers, those were taken from a much bigger pool and the 5 answers had 1 correct and the others wrong.
Also, the amount of points awarded and removed from your score was fully configurable.

Gorilla.bas V2

Status: Lost

An updated version of the famous gorilla.bas game. The game had several improvements over its original form, with one of those being the wind changing each time one of the gorillas shot its banana, so that the player had to adapt each time.

Shadows (Status: Unfinished and Lost)

An RPG game I made when I was in High School using the RPG Toolkit development software.
– more to come –

Shadows V2 (Status: Unfinished and Lost)

A completely reprogrammed version of the original Shadows, using RPG Maker 2000.
– more to come –

Street Fighter Millennium (Status: Lost)

A fighting game based upon most of the notorious beat’em ups of the 90s. Made in Mugen.
– more to come –

Sith World (Status: Scrapped)

This had to be an RPG made with RPG Maker 2000 based upon stories told on a Star Wars themed forum.
– more to come –

Magic RPG (Status: Scrapped)

An RPG based upon the Magic: the Gathering universe. It was intended for a RPG development contest using the new RPG Maker XP.
– more to come –

Unnamed game (Status: in development)

A game I’m actively developing. I don’t feel like giving out any details until I have a working demo to show.
– more to come –

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