Early/Other Works

Secondary school Quiz system

Status: Lost

A Quiz system developed during Secondary School with the help of a teacher using the Basic programming language.
The goal of this software was to automatize some tests and have children to familiarize with a computer and promoting teamwork.
The questions were always the same and asked in the same order, same for the answers.
Each question had 5 possible answers, one correct, the others wrong.
When you choose the right answer, you’re awarded one point. If you fail, one point get detracted from your total.


DOS Command Line quickstart guide

Status: Lost

This is a small guide I wrote in Wordstar to help my parents moving their first steps in using a computer with DOS.
The guide focuses on the use of the DOS command line and its most basic commands like creating folders, copying, moving and deleting files, navigating the file system, launching programs and using the Wordstar processor to write and print documents.

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