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Luca Pennacchioni

Taking a short break during a walk in the woods in Abruzzo


My name is Luca Pennacchioni.

I live in Rome, Italy.

I’m a Java Developer working towards getting involved in the gaming industry as Game Designer.

My interests lie in the IT, gaming and music industry.

I’m knowledgeable in music, in particular music history and digital music; also, I have closely followed the evolution of videogame music with great interest.
I’m an amateur piano and guitar player and I enjoy playing classical and modern music alike and playing videogame music arrangements.

I’m proficient in DIY and have made and modified lots of audio equipment ranging from USB transports to DACs and amplifiers (and old gaming consoles audio circuitry!)

I define myself an “audiophile” and I’m on the never ending quest of finding the best audio equipment to reproduce music.

In my free time I enjoy hiking in parks and woods.
When I’m home I enjoy playing and streaming old videogames from the 8/16-bit era and watching the gaming industry and the eSports phenomenon evolve through Twitch.tv gaming streams.
Whenever I need to take a break and relax, I immerse myself in music.

To know more about me, check out the Biography page!
For any inquiry, feel free to contact me at luca@lucapennacchioni.com

02/04/2020 – Website under construction
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